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Treibball is an opportunity to do a fun and engaging activity with your dog that will take your training and handling skills to the next level. Once trained, dogs are expected to push fitness balls around obstacle courses, in specific directions and much more based off of the clear and distinct verbal cues from their handlers. This newer dog sport gives dogs a ton of mental and physical stimulation without being hard on their bodies, making it a great activity for all dogs!

Our Treibball Courses walk you through the process of getting started in this activity as well as getting ready for competition.

Check out the Treibball Courses we offer here at Dog Sport University, your dog will be so excited that you did!

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Online Course

Intro to Treibball:

Balancing Skills

Develop the foundation you and your dog will need to succeed in Treibball while avoiding common issues and pitfalls. Build skills with focus, clarity and fun!


Online Course

Intro to Treibball:

Advanced Balancing

Take your balancing skills to the next level, working with multiple balls, working around obstacles, practicing balancing games and much more!

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Online Course

Intro to Treibball:


Now that your dog understands the key skill of Treibball, balancing, it is officially time to get them moving the ball in more and more complicated ways. So let's get PUSHING!

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