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Online Webinar

5 Mental Games for Winter

It can be difficult to keep your dog entertained during the winter months. Being cooped up and unable to burn off pent up energy can lead to your dog practically bouncing off the walls!

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Online Webinar

Intro to

Are you interested in getting involved in Competition Obedience, but am uncertain if you or your dog are ready? This webinar will answer all your questions and get you psyched!

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Online Webinar

Tricks for 

Terrific Trialing

Are you new to dog sports? Have you been practicing and training and are ready to take the plunge into your first trial? Are you completely lost on how to proceed? This webianr is for you!

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Online Webinar

Find Your Dog's

A good deal of our training and interactions with our dogs are high-octane and high-energy. This can cause your dog to be "on" all of the time. Gain some balance with this webinar.

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Online Webinar

Making Your 

Training Exciting

Wouldn't it be nice if you could capture all of the same positive energy and joy your dog exhibits when they are playing and channel it into your training? Well, you can and we will show you how.

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Online Webinar

What is

Ban Hunt

Have you heard about the amazingly fast-growing dog sport that is taking the country by storm? The one where dogs can safely tap into their hunting instincts? Learn about Barn Hunt today!


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