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Thank you for your interest in our Online Dog Sports Courses! How exciting!

Dog sports can offer an excellent opportunity for you to bond with your dog, while allowing them to tap into natural abilities and instincts...the ribbons and titles do not hurt either!

To get started, here are the categories of dog sport courses we offer at Dog Sport University.


Check them out!

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Online Courses

Agility Program

Whether you are just getting started in agility, are just looking to have fun or are looking for ways to earn more Q's, these courses are for you!

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Online Courses

Barn Hunt Program

With these courses, we can help you get started in this fast-growing dog sport or perfect the skills to help shave seconds off while focusing on having fun.

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Online Courses

Canine Fitness Program

Your dog is an athlete and you need to take steps to ensure they do become sore or injured. Learn those techniques with these courses.

Canine Parkour Program Wix.jpg

Online Courses

Canine Parkour Program

Fun, engaging and building skills that absolutely help in other dog sports, Canine Parkour is where it is at! These courses will help you and your dog get started!

Treibball Program Wix.jpg

Online Courses

Treibball Program

Be a part of this fast growing dog sport that dogs and handlers alike love! Play the game for fun or prep for trial with these courses.

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Online Courses

Tricks Program

Tricks are the foundation to all dog training and dog sports. Teach your dog these fun and useful behaviors and earn titles doing so!

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