Online Dog Sport Courses

Use same curriculum from in-person classes

May access course materials at any time

Provides incredible convenience

Work with talented instructors


  • Helpful narrated presentations

  • Video examples

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Thank you for your interest in our online dog sport courses! How exciting!

Be it Canine Parkour, Treibball, Tricks or a variety of other dog sports, we can help you throughout the entirety of your dog training journey.

We have listed all the online dog sport training courses we have to offer below. You may filter this list by instructor or the program the course belongs to.

If you need help deciding which online Scent Work course would work best for you and your dog, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!

Happy Training!

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Beginning Canine Conditioning

Beginning Canine Conditioning

In this course, we'll focus on strength, balance, body awareness, flexibility, and new skills for canine fitness.

Intro to Canine Parkour

Intro Canine Parkour

Learn all about the wonderful world of Canine Parkour, including how to improve your dog's confidence and body awareness all while having fun and keeping them safe.

Intro to Treibball: Advanced Balancing Skills

Treibball Advanced Balancing

Take your balancing skills to the next level, working with multiple balls, working around obstacles, practicing balancing games and much more!

Canine Conditioning Foundations

Canine Conditioning Foundations

This course will give you and your dog the foundational skills to get started in a conditioning program.

Novice Trick Dog: Tricks for Titles

Novice Trick Dog

Tricks are the foundation to all training, including dog sports! Not only that, you can now earn Trick Dog titles through AKC and DMWYD. Get started with this course.

Intro to Treibball: Balancing Skills

Treibball Balancing Skills

Develop the foundation you and your dog will need to succeed in Treibball while avoiding common issues and pitfalls. Build skills with focus, clarity and fun!

Focused & Competent Canine Competitor

Competent Canine Competitor

Learn how to maximize on your dog's focus and engagement to become the team you always wanted to be.

Sport Puppy 101

Sport Puppy 101

Give your puppy the foundation they need to succeed in a variety of dog sports, especially agility, with this 6-week course!

Intro to Treibball: Pushing

Treibball Pushing

Now that your dog understands the key skill of Treibball, balancing, it is officially time to get them moving the ball in more and more complicated ways. So let's get PUSHING!