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AKC Virtual Trick Evaluations

That's right! We can evaluate you and your dog virtually so you can earn your AKC Trick Titles! YAY!

How Does This Work

We've worked to make this process as easy as possible. See a quick breakdown of how this process works below:

  1. Read over the requirements for the level you are submitting your tricks for. We urge everyone to look over the AKC Evaluator Guide as that is what we will be using when reviewing your videos.

  2. Practice and train your pup! Once they are ready, film them doing their amazing tricks.

  3. Complete the short form below.

  4. We will then send you an invoice for $25.00 per requested evaluation via Paypal.

  5. Once payment has been received, your requested instructor will review your video. Within 5-business days, they will provide their evaluation to you via email.

  6. If you and your dog pass the evaluation, you will receive a completed Video Verification form and Trick Checklist. You will want to forward these documents to the AKC, along with your application and required fees. Your evaluator will also email the Video Verification form directly to AKC.

  7. It may take AKC some time to process your submission. As such, we will also email you a Certificate of Success you may share on social media until you receive your formal AKC title certificate.

Ariane M. Bailey

Disc Dog, Rally and Tricks Instructor

Bonnie Henderson

Dog Sport Skills


Dianna L. Santos

Owner and

Lead Instructor

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